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Spring Skirmish

By admin
10 May 2023
admin 10 May 2023
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Hunt down the fabulous treasures!

from 02.03.2023 to 01.06.2023


Full terms and conditions

  1. The Tournament runs from March 01, 2023 00:01 UTC to May 31, 2023 19:00 UTC.
  2. The users registered on mostbet.com with EUR, KZT, COP, USD, ZAR, INR, GEL, CNY, UZS, PLN, GBP, AZN, IDR, KGS, PEN, KES, TRY, UAH, BRL and RUB gaming account currencies can participate in the Tournament.
  3. To participate in the Tournament, a player has to place bets of any amount. Each bet will award a player points equal to the bet amount. Points will be totalled and displayed in the standings. To participate in the Promotion, a user can use only one gaming account, but an infinite number of NFT aircraft. Only real money bets count towards the Tournament.
  4. During each competition the minimum turnover (minimum bet) made by one of the aircraft is equal to one chance (ticket). The winning chances of all other participating aircraft are proportional to this minimum turnover.
  5. For example, if one participant in a daily tournament makes a bet of EUR 0.50, this will be their minimum bet, i.e., one ticket (chance). If throughout the Tournament they make bets on 100 EUR, then the number of their tickets will be 200, and the probability that the participant will be among the 25% of the first stage winners increases significantly.
  6. At the first stage, a player has to place at least one bet by NFT aircraft within 24 hours.
  7. At the second stage, a player has to receive a reward if it is active. If an aircraft wins a daily tournament, the amount of the winnings will depend on its overall gaming experience. The more gaming experience an aircraft has, the greater its reward.
  8. In the second stage, all participants get their winnings, its amount will depend on the overall player’s gaming experience (total amount of bets). The more gaming experience an aircraft has, the greater its cash reward.
  9. The standings will be displayed in the Aviatrix game interface and will be updated in real time.
  10. The Tournament has a total prize pool of EUR 500,000 and is distributed pro rata every day during the Tournament period.
  11. The winner designation and cash rewards distribution will be held daily at 19:00 UTC and will consist of two stages.
  12. To receive a cash prize, a user must press the Claim Prize button, and the winnings will be credited to the user’s account. Cash prizes do not require wagering and can be used to play or withdrawn.
  13. If several participants in the standings score the same number of points, the highest position will be awarded to the participant who reached the points earlier than the others.
  14. In the event of any disputs regarding participation rights, prize awarding and these terms and conditions of participation, the final decision will be made by the Promotion Organizer. This decision is binding and not subject to appeal by the Participant or any third party.
  15. The decisions of the Promotion Organizer on all issues related to the Promotion and its results are considered final and apply to all Promotion Participants after publication on mostbet.com.
  16. If the Promotion Organizer discovers cases of fraud or money laundering, the liable Participant’s right to receive a Prize may be withdrawn. Any violation of these rules shall result in the termination of participation and additional measures aimed at preventing the recurrence of such violations.

  • Full terms and conditions
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