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29 Mar 2023
admin 29 Mar 2023
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Are you tired of the incomprehensible game rules?

We present the first progressive jackpot to you, based on clear rules.

Every combination of Straight Flush or Royal Flush will give you a huge jackpot! Each bet increases the prize pool!



Progressive jackpot

Bet with no misses on 7 hands at Speedy7 to claim the jackpot!


Dealer`s Jackpot

Bet on the dealer's preflop and claim the jackpot!




  1. Users who are registered on mostbet.com and who make bets in Speedy7 and Poker 6+ games from betgames.tv provider can become Participants of the Promotion.
  2. Progressive Jackpot - means that the prize pool available for drawing increases with each player's bet. After the jackpot has been drawn, the fund is accumulated according to the unchanged rules.
  3. To win the jackpot in the Speedy7 game, you need to place bets on all 7 cards of the hand, the jackpot will be drawn if the cards on the table compile a combination of Straight Flush = 50% of the jackpot is drawn and Royal Flush = 100% of the jackpot is drawn. If the player missed the card in the game and did not make a bet, he/she does not participate in the drawing of the jackpot of this round. The jackpot is paid to players regardless of whether the client wins his/her bet or not.
  4. To win the jackpot in the poker 6+ game, you need to bet on the dealer preflop, and if the dealer's cards and the cards on the table make up one of the combinations listed below, the jackpot will be paid. The dealer's cards make up a combination of Straight Flush = 50% of the jackpot is paid, Royal Flush = 100% of the jackpot is paid. If the client has placed a bet on the dealer after the cards on the table have been revealed, he does not participate in the jackpot drawing.
  5. If several players win the jackpot during the round, the prize pool will be distributed in proportion to the amount of bets.
  6. The amount of the drawn jackpot will be credited to the user's real account immediately after the combination occurs. The winnings are not subject to wagering and are available for the game.
  7. Promotional prizes are not transferable or exchangeable. Only the Participant, whose data is indicated in the account on the site, can receive a prize. The participant is responsible for the correctness of the data specified in the account.
  8. In case of any disagreements concerning the right to participate in the promotion, the receiving of the prizes or these terms and conditions, the final decision is made by the Promoter. Such decision shall be binding and cannot be subject to appeal by the Participant or any third party.
  9. All decisions made by the Promoter concerning any questions connected with the conduct of the promotion as well as the results of the promotion are irrevocable and shall apply to all Participants of the promotion starting upon the posting on the www.mostbet.com website.
  10. In case the Promoter finds that they have become a victim of fraud or money laundering, they may cancel the Participant's right to receive the Prize. Any violation of these rules leads to the annulment of participation, as well as to the adoption of additional measures aimed at preventing such actions.
  11. The terms and conditions of this Promotion may be amended or supplemented both during the period of its conduct, and at any other time.

  • Progressive jackpot
  • Dealer`s Jackpot
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